Unable to get, DVD on Laptop to TV

  diode 16:47 20 May 03

I have a Mesh Laptop running Windows XP home edition. It has a S VHS out socket and headset socket. I have connected them up to the TV but only seem to be able to get the audio to the TV. The Svhs is set to PAL in the bios. The computer manual says I can select TV by using Control Panel/ Display/ Settings. Well I have looked but I can't find any reference to changing LCD to TV. Can anyone please suggest a solution.

  hugh-265156 17:28 20 May 03

plug it all in.select svideo channel on the tv set.(note svideo does not carry sound this is why you also need to use the headphone out)

next go to controlpanel/displaysettings you will or should see two screens 1 & 2.(click on one and drag it left or right as your screens are set up)

next either right click on screen 2 and click attached or just tick the extend my desktop to this monitor box,set the resolution to 640x480 and colour to 16bit and click apply and ok.

now play a movie and literally drag it(the screen)from the monitor to the tv.

  diode 18:07 20 May 03

I had this set up last night, when I tried it out. I had it all connected up as you suggest. But when I went into Control Panel/ Display/ Settings. there only appeared to be details for the LCD screen of the Laptop. That is to say they was no reference to screens 1 & 2. Any further ideas would be appreciated.

  hugh-265156 18:37 20 May 03

what kind of graphics is in the laptop?

it could be that the driver is not installed.click on controlpanel/system/hardware/devicemanager and look for display adapter.if there is yellow exclamation marks beside it you will need to install the driver.

for ati get the latest drivers click here

for nvidia click here

enable hardware acceleration is enabled.

or go to controlpanel/display/settings/ and click on the troubleshooter.

  hugh-265156 18:40 20 May 03

if its ati graphics and you have ati`s controlpanel then in display/settings/advanced/displays you can also set up the tv here

  diode 19:07 20 May 03

The device manager shows no yellow exclamation marks. The Display Adapter shows that
SIS 300/305/630/540/730 is installed.
The Device Status shows "This device is working properly"
Sorry that doesn't seem to be the problem either.

  hugh-265156 19:16 20 May 03

sis630 is onboard graphics.click here click here dont think this model supports dual display but this one does click here for drivers click here

  hugh-265156 19:19 20 May 03

click here 730 s for athlon

  diode 19:36 20 May 03

Have just been reading up on the websites that you posted. This is slightly out of my league. Does this mean I have to install a new graphics adapter card with its driver or can I just download the driver you suggested.
Reading the manual for the computer it says"For entertainment, presentations or conferences you can connect your computer to a TV if it has an S-video connector" (which is does). In the procedure it says. "In Windows you can switch the display to the TV through settings in Display Properties". As I said above I have looked but still can't see how
Thanks again for your help.

  hugh-265156 19:47 20 May 03

sounds to me like you have the 630S varity.this may help you find out more info on your system.click here.

  hugh-265156 19:50 20 May 03

whats the exact model of laptop? and will check it out for you if i can

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