Unable to find a certificate to connect to internet

  sajeev 13:26 29 Jan 14

I have suddenly started getting the above message on my laptop I have read the previous posts and gone through the steps of going into network connections, wireless and properties. The Authentication panel is greyed out but the concerned box is unchecked. I am having this problem at home and office with this laptop but not with other devices so I am assuming the routers etc are okay. This is a dell Inspiron running XP prof. Connecting to wireless broadband. I am unable to perform System Restore as I keep getting the message "cannot restore". Please help. Thanks Sajeev

  rdave13 13:56 29 Jan 14

Have a look at post #5 here.

  T0SH 14:08 29 Jan 14

Check the time and date on your laptop it is probably set to 1990 or so

  Ian in Northampton 19:12 29 Jan 14

This problem troubled me recently. As T0SH implies - and judging by the probable age of your laptop - the CMOS battery may have died, thus setting your laptop's system date to years and years ago. I found that resetting the BIOS (I didn't get round to replacing the battery) to the right date/time fixed the problem.

  sajeev 23:10 29 Jan 14

Thanks for the suggestions. rdave13> I followed the instructions in the post. The authentication page is greyed out and tie IEE box is blank (cannot be ticked even if so desired). Did the procedure in the other post too: cmd etc TOSH and Ian> The clock is showing the right time, date and year in the task bar No joy! Grateful for any more ideas! Sajeev

  rdave13 16:06 30 Jan 14

Is the association and connections tabs available? Have a look here from step six but worth reading it all.

  sajeev 14:55 01 Feb 14

Thanks rdave13. Have tried this several times but does not work. The Association and Connections tabs are available and have been ticked appropriately. Sajeev

  sajeev 00:22 03 Feb 14

Any more help? Sajeev

  Woolwell 10:57 03 Feb 14

This very old thread may help. Also suggest completely delete existing wireless connections and start gain manually conjuring it.

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