unable to email document

  ordep 08:43 21 Aug 10

I'm trying to email a document I've scanned into Foxit reader. Its not allowing me to, with the following message.
"Create an association in the default programs control panel."
Can some one explain to me what this means and how I go about it.

  Nontek 09:00 21 Aug 10

Look in Control Pane>Folder Options>File Types ... though this is for XP, W7 may be similar.

  Nontek 09:00 21 Aug 10

Pane = Panel ...

  Graham. 09:21 21 Aug 10

Is this a PDF file document?

  ordep 11:12 21 Aug 10

Thanks for your replys.
W7 OS,
I cant find Folder Options.
Yes, its a PDF file.

  ordep 11:25 21 Aug 10

I've found the "Set Default Programs" and ticked every thing in it but, its still not allowing me to email the document.

  Sea Urchin 11:52 21 Aug 10

How are you trying to email it - as an attachment? And what email program are you using?

  ordep 12:44 21 Aug 10

Email is Hotmail.
Trying to email as in first post Sea Urchin

  Nontek 12:52 21 Aug 10
  Woolwell 13:20 21 Aug 10

With all due respect but you haven't answered Sea Urchin's question. Are you using webmail or an e-mail client like Windows Live Mail for hotmail?
I assume that you are trying to send it is an attachment but it is not clear.

  ordep 14:34 21 Aug 10

Windows Live Mail Woolwell.

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