Unable to download files with Firefox

  Armchair 11:31 06 Oct 10

The download just shows up as 0 bytes. I have tried using Chrome, and that works alright. Just seems to be Firefox that's doing this.

I'm using Windows XP SP3, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

  birdface 11:52 06 Oct 10

Maybe your Flash or java program for firefox is turned off or needing updated.
See if this speedtest opens or not.

click here

If it opens there is nothing the matter with your flash program.

  Armchair 11:59 06 Oct 10

Yes, that works fine (Download speed 5496 kbps).

  birdface 12:13 06 Oct 10

You need flash running for it to open.
Not a great download speed you are obviously not with Virginmedia.
I suppose you have java script ticked in options.

  birdface 12:24 06 Oct 10

I was thinking mabe a firewall problem but then it should not work on Chrome either.
What anti malware programs do you have.
Not sure what could be causing it.
What happens when you try Tools.And then Downloads.
Does it tell you where it has been downloaded to or if it has actually been downloaded.

  Woolwell 12:29 06 Oct 10

Is it all sites or just one site? If one site perhaps it is a compatibility problem.

  Armchair 13:26 06 Oct 10

ith Virginmedia.

No, but that's irrelevant.

Tools > Downloads reports the attempted downloads as Canceled.

I have Firefox set to download to desktop. Just MSE.

It's all sites. I rarely download anything, and I only noticed the problem last night when I tried to download patches for Far Cry. I tried to download several different patches from various sites I've used in the past, but they all arrive as 0 bytes. Then I tried Chrome, and that worked.

I might just switch permanently to Chrome........

  birdface 13:43 06 Oct 10

[Not a great download speed you are obviously not with Virginmedia.]
I was trying to be witty you obviously have a fairly good download speed.
I don't think MSE will keep your computer virus free.
Maybe give Malwarebytes free version a try and see if it finds any problems.
I have nothing against MSE as I have used it myself for the last 6 months.
I know Mooly only uses MSE but uses Acronis for back up if he has any problems.
Not sure if you do the same but if not a quick scan with Malwarebytes should do no harm.

  birdface 13:53 06 Oct 10

The only other thought would be to remove Firefox completely then reinstall it again.

Do you get a warning line up near the top of the page saying that for your protection FireFox has blocked this download? if you do just click on the "Options" at the right and allow the download.

  woodchip 13:57 06 Oct 10

check all firefox options in the menu

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