Unable to download any updates from any site

  fritzkp 18:03 05 Jan 09

Though I can get security updates on my kaspersky I cannot download updates from Microsoft / CCleaner or any site. This has only happened over the last two weeks. Help needed please

  birdface 20:03 05 Jan 09

Switch kaspersky off and see if you can download updates then.

  472 22:07 05 Jan 09

My daughters laptop had this problem this week and it was due to the date and time being incorrect. Once the time and date was corrected all update downloads worked fine.

  fritzkp 23:04 05 Jan 09

I noticed when I opened up Task bar and start menu properties the time showing was locked at 1.23pm and the real time showing on the computer was 23.03, how do I correct the other time.

  472 23:59 05 Jan 09

Ignore that its just demo, same on every pc. Just make sure day,month and time are correct in bottom right corner on task bar.Right click the time and adjust if out.

  fritzkp 17:03 06 Jan 09

Thanks everyone

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