Unable to deliver SPAM

  Billyoh 11:16 30 Sep 06

I am being plagued by literally thousands of e-mails in my outlook account with postmaster letters saying that messages couldn't be delivered. Those messages were never sent by me, so my E-maill addy has obviously been hijacked. Any advice on what I can do to stop it please.

  daxian 12:43 30 Sep 06

hi billyoh...
sounds like you might have virus or two.
run an anti virus program to make sure this is not the cause . i use avg which is available free online ...(type avg free into a google search )

  Billyoh 13:28 30 Sep 06

Hi daxian, I regularly run AVG as well as EWIDO wich are both set to run continuously, and there doesn't seem to be a problem with viruses. It would seem that my E-mail address has been hijacked to send out spam in my name and I am at a loss as to know how to deal with it. Thanks for trying anyway.

  bof:) 13:39 30 Sep 06

Hi Billyoh, just change your email address. Notify all friends etc of new address.

If you want to keep email address download 'Mailwasher' free version and set it to collect your emails. You can blacklist all emails that are not for you.

click here


  Graham. 13:46 30 Sep 06

Block all mail addressed to 'Postmaster'.

  Billyoh 13:56 30 Sep 06

I have in the past used Mailwasher, but I did find it caused problems, mainly because it was very slow.

Graham, how can you block "postmaster" in Outlook, it isn't like "Outlook Express"

  terryf 14:30 30 Sep 06

How about temporarily using OE and the 'block sender' while you look for a solution?

  Billyoh 15:35 30 Sep 06

It could be a way out. Thanks, I have written to my ISP to see if they can do anything, but they are never in any hurry. *S*

  Billyoh 16:37 13 Oct 06

I have now dealt with the thousands of e-mails from postmasters having found out that someone is using my domain name as his/her/email adress to conceal thier true identity. I understand it is not possible to prevent tis happening but it canmake it more difficult for the spammers if you register with the SPF On the DNS server whatever that is. Could someone explain it in plain english, I feel I should do all I can to thwart these spammers but I am not technically minded at all. Anyone out there know what I am talking about? I hardly do *S*

  anskyber 16:51 13 Oct 06

I do not use it myself but this seems to be it. click here

  g0slp 17:04 13 Oct 06

That's a nice link. Thanks.

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