Unable to delete folders

  Esc4p3 10:33 18 Jan 07


After backing up the 'My Pictures' folder last night, I decided to do some resizing of some pictures. I use the software that came with my Fuji camera, really quick and simple (normally).

However, I inadvertantly clicked on the option to move pictures into dated folders. Completely locked my PC for about 10 mins. At the end, I had about 50 folders within My Pictures, all named as dates the pictures were created.

I then proceeded to drag n drop all the pictures back to where I wanted them, but I am unable to deleted the folders.

The message I get (not sat in front of my PC now) is something like "the folders cannot be deleted, they are located on a network or another PC, please try again". I don't have a network, and the files are on my hard drive. I have tried to delete folders in both Explorer and the Fuji software.

I use Windows ME (yes I'm the one) if that helps.

  Batch 11:04 18 Jan 07

Have you re-booted the PC and tried again since getting the message?

If you are using Windows Explorer in WinME (or earlier), it often gets its knickers in a twist when handling large numbers of files and a re-boot seems to be the only way to clear it.

  Esc4p3 11:15 18 Jan 07

I had a few battles with the PC yesterday, the folders one being the last straw. Must have re-booted 3-4 times already prior to that.

So no, I closed the darned thing down and walked away, will try again tonight.

  scotty 12:24 18 Jan 07

If Batch's suggestion does not work, you could try deleting the folders using DOS.

Scotty (fellow WinME user)

  Quiet Life 13:59 18 Jan 07

I had similar problem with folders that would not delete . Opened new folder in Temporary Files folder and dragged and dropped the unwanted folders in there.
At least it got rid of them.

  Esc4p3 14:08 18 Jan 07

Those were the days!

Will try the various suggestions tonite, and report back on the morrow.


  ianeon 14:12 18 Jan 07

click here - Havea look at the FREE programme - It may help you with your problem

  Esc4p3 08:52 19 Jan 07

Still had the same error message last night, but strangely the message was out of synch. So I would try to delete folder 'a' and the message said I did not have access to folder 's', etc. etc.

Anyways, got there in the end.

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