unable to delete file?

  inapot69 20:03 09 Apr 05

i have a file it will not let me delete
i go to it in the folder
right click and then delete
it says it is being used by another program or person
there are no others logged in or running
it also slows my pc down to a snails pace
it is a video clip type file
i am running athlon 1.3
512mb ddr ram
xp pro

  Nellie2 20:05 09 Apr 05

boot into safe mode and then try again!

  bremner 20:07 09 Apr 05

Boot to a command prompt (Press F8 during boot up.

Then at the command prompt type:

Deltree c:\(the filepath of the file.

It would help to clearly understand the problem if you punctuated your posting.

  VoG II 21:01 09 Apr 05

Remove on Reboot click here

  DieSse 22:00 09 Apr 05

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES try Deltree - this removes whole folders and even subfolders and may take off things you do not want to take off.

  bremner 23:19 09 Apr 05

For what possible reason do you say "under NO CIRCUMSTANCES"

I have been using the deltree command for the last fifteen years since the days of DOS with no problem.

It is a standard DOS command to delete files click here

  DieSse 02:04 10 Apr 05

I presume you understand what Deltree does - I know how to use it, have used it many times myself. It's a very powerful and therefore dangerous command to use unless you understand exactly what you are dong.

It is NOT for deleting a single file, and in this case if the enquirer used it, he/she may delete much more than they bargained for. It's only for this query that I said "under no circumstances"

  AndySD 03:13 10 Apr 05

Try opening windows media player and then play a music cd..... now try deleting the file.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 08:48 10 Apr 05

check processes you may be able to work out what it is running on from their and stop the offending prog
ctrl alt del task manager processes tab

  bremner 08:56 10 Apr 05

Off course deltree can be used to delete a single file just look at the link.

"To delete one or more files and directories: DELTREE [/Y] [drive:]path [[drive:]path[...]]"

Yes it is powerful and should be used with caution - just as emptying the recycle bin should be done with caution.

  inapot69 10:31 10 Apr 05

thank you all for your help.
i re-booted in safe mode and it allowed me to delete it.
once again..thank you all.

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