Unable to create new folder

  SantasLittleHelper 13:51 02 Jul 04

Hi All, I am using Windows 98SE, recently I have lost the option to create a new folder, either in Explorer or on the Desktop, the create new folder option is no longer available, in fact it doesn't even show it as an option in the drop down menu. I don't remember doing anything that might have removed it, has anyone any ideas how I can get it back?

  sil_ver 14:13 02 Jul 04

Long time since I ran 98 but try going to Start/progs/accessories/system tools and click on system file checker it might find a corrupted file. You'll need your 98 disk or, if you dont have one, point to the 'Cabs' file (might be in C:\windows\options)

  pj123 15:22 02 Jul 04

click here and download PowerDesk 5. Much better than Windows Explorer. Once installed go to File, New, Folder.

  Fogey 16:32 02 Jul 04

This fix requires a registry edit.
Have a look at Microsoft knowledge base article 180257.
It worked for me.

  SantasLittleHelper 18:37 02 Jul 04

Thanks to all of you for your help, used registry tweak to fix problem.

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