Unable to connect to internet is this Spyware

  FMC 11:24 10 Mar 04

I have three computers networked and c broadband connection several weeks ago now on launching IE all "unable to display "page The computer I am now working on runs ME and have managed to get connected by system restore to earlier date though initially had to do this every time has now stabilised.Other 2 run 98 have spent days trying to solve 1 have formated and completely reinstalled 98 have checked all connections and this computer works OK on all even bought new network card JIC have uninstalled zonealarm as know there are recorded incompats though ok on this machine .Had Ad-ware uninstalled that(though again OK this machine)Suspect something like Spyware has changed a port setting.Am competent but not expert.All help appreciated.

  recap 11:30 10 Mar 04

How is your network set up?

  FMC 11:45 10 Mar 04

Hard wired

  recap 13:23 10 Mar 04

Do you have a Router?

  FMC 15:21 10 Mar 04

Router Dratek 2600 all ports work ok for this machine also have print server again aok this machine have rebooted these JIC network cards corega though as said bought anew one JIC installed on the machine I have formated and reinstalled 98 also been to this manufacturers site and got latest driver.

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