Unable to connect to freeserve BB

  nick_j007 18:31 15 Jul 03

For the last 24 hours I have been unable to connect to freeserve BB apart from a period last night and first thing this morning.
I have had BB now for about a month without any hassle to mention.
I just keep getting told no dial tone, and to check my cables etc. I have checked it all right out and made various changes to eliminate peices of kit/wires there are involved but to no avail.
I have come to the conclusion that it must (?) be a Alcatel modem problem and I am chasing Freeserve up for a replacement.
Any other thoughts people?

Yours frustrated, and deprived of my daily surfing dose,

Nick Jones

  nick_j007 22:21 15 Jul 03

Any thoughts please?

  Audeal 22:26 15 Jul 03

Maybe the filter is faulty. If you are using only one of them try changing them over. If you are using both then maybe the one connected to the computer is faulty so change them over to see if that solves the problem.

  tbh72 22:31 15 Jul 03

Have you downloaded the updated driver for your modem. Assuming your using the speed touch goto:

click here

Just make sure you unistal the original driver first. The majority of users have found the new driver has eliminated the problem. Do your light's on the modem illuminate correctly? eg 2 solid green lights.

  nick_j007 22:31 15 Jul 03

Many thanks,

I have tried that and still no joy, though I shall have another go later on to be sure.


  willhay 22:43 15 Jul 03

dump it and go for cable, cheaper, faster, no dialing

  nick_j007 23:07 15 Jul 03

I'm lucky to get BB as I'm a little off the beaten track here. No cable here anyway. Thanks for the thought.
Surely, if the system was working ok up till yesterday a new driver won't make a difference?
When you say eliminated the problem, do you mean the problem the same as mine?
A bit tricky downloading the blighter if I'm not online. My partners laptop does not copy onto CD's :-(
The lights look good. i.e., both green when online, but the right one is flashing green as I am offline...the left one remains green and lit.

I shall try the filters thing again now.



  nick_j007 23:19 15 Jul 03

I have tried all sorts of permutations with the filters, and I think they are both ok as they work with the land line phone.

Worth reinstalling the cd for the BB set up?


  nick_j007 23:40 15 Jul 03

Have just reinstalled the Cd but no change.

Any new ideas folks....please?


  nick_j007 00:31 16 Jul 03

At this point in time, BT are going to make some checks on the line.
I hope it's not my system and theirs.


  nick_j007 09:01 16 Jul 03

Any other ideas please?


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