Unable to connect 119

  Capital Idea 23:27 12 Apr 06

Ive been using Grabit to get copies of old vinal in the attic via Freeserve news server.

Worked well untill a few weks ago but now get "Unable to connect to news.freeserve.co.uk:119 when ever try to connect.

Any idea if this is a problem with the Freeserve(Wanadoo) serevrs, my "port" (whatever that is) or the Grabit site?

Im running XP home with Zone alarm and Norton antivirus but nothing changed there except latest upgardes etc.

Any Ideas?

  Fingees 11:08 13 Apr 06

Freeview ie wanadoo, no longer run a news server.

They disscontinued it without warning.

There have been many protests about it, but they are not bothered.

Some people have benefitted, as it has enabled them to leave wanadoo without running their full 1 year term, as it was apparently a breach of contract by wanadoo.

  Capital Idea 19:18 13 Apr 06

Many Thanks Fingers!

As you note Wanadoo are very poor at all aspects of customer support..............

I guess I therefore need to look for another "free" news server to link to - its a bit cheeky but could you suggest anywhere that i should look?

Many thanks again

  Capital Idea 19:21 13 Apr 06

Sorry Fingees - not too hot at typng and reading at the same time!

Appologies again for miss typing your "name"

  SANTOS7 19:23 13 Apr 06

click here
these what you need...

  Capital Idea 23:28 13 Apr 06

Thanks to all, Ill try these.

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