unable to complete flight booking

  MOLITTLE 26 Feb 13

Over the past few days I have been trying to book a flight on Ryanair. I answer the questions for travel insce, priority boarding, flight transfers etc etc) but then a new seperate Hertz car hire screen appears and the only option shown is CONTINUE. When I select this (for a brief second the booking page flashes on the screen but totally disappears when a Hertz car hire page is shown instead and the following message is displayed:

Sorry, we couldn't find https://3973597.doubleclick.fls.net/activityi%3Bsrc%3D3973597%3Btype%3Dbooki070%3Bcat%3Dpayme279%3Bord%3D1%3Bnum%3D6873581413277.972.

Also as info at the bottom of the screen a seperate page is sitting there for Ryanair Hotels but even if you wanted to select a hotel there is no option available on it. I don't know how it all works but it looks like something is missing somewhere as it doesn't flow. I am on Windows XP and I am using Internet Explorer 8. Any help would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 27 Feb 13

Can you not simply close the first Hertz page when it appears - in other words, does it open in a new tab, or does it replace the Ryanair booking page?

  MOLITTLE 27 Feb 13

When I close the Hertz page I am taken totally out of Ryanair booking and would have to start again when exactly the same thing happens.Also as info at the bottom of the Hertz page where all the car details are shown it has a Yellow CONTINUE box but underneath that in small blue letters is written next payment(which is where I want to go to make the payment for the flight) but if you glide over it or press it nothing happens it is only the CONTINUE button that is operational. As I said for a split second I do see the normal payment screen flash when I press continue prior to the Hertz page as if this wipes it out. I hope this makes sense to you.

  Forum Editor 28 Feb 13

I have just configured a booking on the Ryanair site, and was able to click right through to the flight payment page. The Hertz car rental page did appear, but when I clicked the 'continue' button it closed, and I had the Ryanair payment page.

Which browser are you using?

  MOLITTLE 01 Mar 13

Thank you for your reply. I have just tried again and when I clicked continue the error is still happening. I am using Internet Explorer 8 and my PC is Windows XP.

  rdave13 01 Mar 13

IE 8 is now old. Download Firefox and try from that browser.


  alanrwood 02 Mar 13

Isn't doubleclick Googles cookie setter to feed you "relevent"???? adverts. It is usually harmless and is easily removed by any cookie cleaner/malware application.

  MOLITTLE 02 Mar 13

Thank you all so much for your information. I tried it a few mins ago in order to check the site detail etc and it worked so they must have sorted the problem and I have successfully booked my flight. Many thanks.


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