Unable to change programme which opens file

  alfredgerald 15 Sep 12

Running Microsoft XP with 4 users on PC. Having trouble changing the programme which opens a file. (e.g. Notepad to Word). 3 of the users work fine. Have been into Control Panel/Folder options/File type but the option to change how all the files are opened is greyed out. Any thoughts please.

  Nontek 15 Sep 12

If you right-click on the file, do you not get the option to Open with ? so that you can then choose which program to open it.

  recap 15 Sep 12

alfredgerald, I think you will need admin rights to change the progam.

  alfredgerald 15 Sep 12

I have admin rights. The files that I am trying to open have been received in an e-mail. They have the .docx extension. No option to Open With on right mouse button. The file try’s to open in Notepad. When I go to File type to change it all the file types are greyed out. Only in this user, other 3 users OK.

  Nontek 15 Sep 12

Try doing a Save as then you should be able to change the prefix to .doc or similar.

  alfredgerald 15 Sep 12

Thanks Nontek. It worked. But I still cant change File type in the Control Panel. Still greyed out. Any other thoughts

  Nontek 15 Sep 12

Great, glad it worked - unless you intend to make many prefix changes, I would not bother about the Ctrl Panel.

Though I suppose you could try something like CHECKDISK

  alfredgerald 15 Sep 12

OK Nontek. I think I will continue this thread as I am interested as to why it works on three users but not the forth. Anybody else got an idea?

  acfc 15 Sep 12

As you probably know .docx is word 2007 or later format so you need a compatibility pack installed if you have an older version. As you were able to select open with on 3 users it is possible that this was installed for each user instead of for all users?

Open with being greyed it usually means windows cannot select a suitable program to use.


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