unable to boot normally

  robert01 28 May 11

A few days ago a game crashed to desktop with a message that the graphics driver had recovered from an error. Since then when I startup there is a pattern of dots behind the opening bios text and the microsoft loading bar, it then goes to a completely black screen with dots in regular rows from where I can go no futher so have to reset.

I am able to get to safe mode (where the dots vanish) so I loaded a restore point - no change, then I updated the graphics driver but the problem remains. I also put in the windows disc to attempt a repair but was told nothing was needed to be done.

I have no other graphics card to check, perhaps it is a startup issue ?

Windows Vista Home Premium, AVG, NVidia GeForce 8800GTX.

  gengiscant 28 May 11

Sounds as though your graphics card has a problem other than a driver issue.

  woodchip 28 May 11

You have not gone far back enough using System Restore, try a Older Date

  robert01 28 May 11

Ok - I tried a much earlier restore point and that didn't work.

Run AVG - nothing found.

As I said this pattern of dots appears STRAIGHT AWAY as the bios is showing text before the PC starts to load windows, if it was a code issue then the problem would occur further on in the process wouldn't it ?

Before I spend money on a new card, what else can I do to make sure that it isn't a code or startup issue ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 28 May 11

Before I spend money on a new card, what else can I do to make sure that it isn't a code or startup issue ?

If its happening on BIOS drivers will not be loaded so then its either the graphics card - cable - or monitor faulty

remove / refit card to remake connections - can work very slightly loose with thermal expansion

Check / change monitor cable

try another monitor or flat screen TV with PC input.

If none of the above make a difference then try another card.

  Strawballs 28 May 11

Does the board have onboard graphics? If so try taking out the card and plugging the monitor into the board and then boot.

  woodchip 28 May 11

As above in BIOS its the Graphics that's blown. You need a new card

  robert01 29 May 11

Tried different monitor & cable, removed card and slotted it back in again - no change. So, new graphics card it is then. Thanks everyone for your help, will update when I've put a new card in.


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