Unable anymore to access D drive (Zip drive)

  Mindset 18:58 16 Nov 03

My PC is equipped with an A drive (floppy disk), a C drive (hard disk), a E drive (CD) and a D drive (Zip disk). I recently asked PC World to add some memory (hard disk) to my PC. This additional memory is accessible through the D drive. The problem is that the ZIP drive, which was on the D drive, can't be accessed anymore. Anyone with a tip to solve this problem? Many thanks.

  Zak 19:51 16 Nov 03

Mindset I take it that you have had a new hard drive added which is now D drive. Your zip drive should be F.

You don't say but I am assuming that your mother board supports 4 devices. Perhaps PC World did not connect up the Zip drive?

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