Unable to add my coat of arms to my Letters

  Arokh. 16:57 05 Jul 04

I have tried to put my family coat of arms on my letters but have had no success, the coat of Arms are via bmp and Jpg.

Can anyone help
Regards Arokh

  Shas 17:04 05 Jul 04

Assume you are talking about adding to a a Word document. What methods have you tried so far? Does it not work using Insert > picture ?

  Arokh. 17:14 05 Jul 04

Hi Shas
when I insert the Jpg in the top of Word and then insert a stylised initial of my name, they should be either side of each other, top right and top left but they appear centered.

  Shas 17:23 05 Jul 04

Hi Arokh. Have you selected each initial individually and tried moving it to where you want it? Also, check to make sure you haven't got the images grouped in the Draw menu.

  Shas 17:34 05 Jul 04

Rather than using the insert function, have you tried copying and pasting the images into your document instead?

  Arokh. 18:36 05 Jul 04

Hi Shas
I did what you said and After a bit of tweaking I was able to do it.

Thank you Very Much
Regards Arokh

  Shas 18:40 05 Jul 04

My pleasure Arokh.

Regards, Shas

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