Unable to access Virgin 24/7 Internet - Help

  gusfoe 11:47 18 Mar 06

Since yesterday i have been unable to connect to the Virgin 24/7 internet account. It continually dials but is unable to make the connection. The number i am dialling is 08089909030.
I rang Virgin support on 09062170002 who advised that BT will no longer allow me on the Kingsbury Telephone Exchange to access any internet account via a freefone number. I was informed that BT had removed a glaco (or graco?) option from the exchange and that i would now only be able to access the internet via either a PAYG account via a 0845 number on upgrade to Broadband.
Is this correct?
Many Thanks

  ACOLYTE 11:51 18 Mar 06

I dont know sounds wierd if you are subscribed to Virgin,they should pay BT for the line access?
so you can get online,i dont know how it all works though.

  Digital 12:54 18 Mar 06

Why not sign up to Virgin broadband package 3? It's only £1 a month more than 24/7 & at present it seems they're offering a free modem & activation. If you stay with Virgin you will keep your current e-mail address.

  gusfoe 16:23 18 Mar 06

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I am aware broadband is available but i wanted to know whether anybody had heard of BT removing the capability of accessing the internet via Virgins freefone number, or are Virgin pushing me onto Broadband?

  Clawador 16:35 18 Mar 06

Yeah, I subscribe to Virgin and I think that they
offer a a very good value broadband package,
the "no 12 month contract & no set up charge"
really convinced me and I am very pleased with

  Souter Point 18:16 18 Mar 06

I believe you pay monthly in advance, I did when I was with Virgin 24/7. If that is the case and you have had no emails advising you this was going to happen then contact Virgin on 0845650 0130 and sort it out. I think it odd for them to do this. Have you tried Virgin homepage - Broadband - and see if you can receive it in your area. I am with Metronet BB but my son and 3 daughters and families are with Virgin BB option 2. I am thinking of migrating over.

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