Unable to Access Microsoft and some other sites

  boots2 16:45 07 Nov 08

I have my friends PC hear,he cannot get the microsoft site or the AGV site and other sites re-rout to other sites of similar goods.
He has no antivirus on at the moment he had AGV Free but it was removed,
Any Ideas.

  lotvic 17:06 07 Nov 08

The pc is infected
follow the advice in this thread click here Safe and Clean Computers

  boots2 17:26 07 Nov 08

I think it is infected but I cannot get many of these sites. I Have just downloaded Ccleaner and will run this.
Ans just managed to get microsoft if I type in the full address other wise it goes to odd surch sites. I will keep trying

  boots2 20:02 07 Nov 08

I have deleted the wrong thing in the Windows System32 Drivers folder no the PC will not start.
Any Ideas other than a system reboot

  lotvic 21:56 07 Nov 08

a system reboot = switching off the pc and then restarting it.
If you can't switch off any other way then just hold the power button on the tower in for about 5 secs
What state is the pc in when you restart (reboot) it
What happens, any error messages?

Try a system restore to a previous date by tapping F8 (or F5) continually after you switch the pc on. You should get a menu (white writing on a black background)
choose 'Last known Good' and see if that works
OR reboot again and choose 'Safe Mode' at the top and then for user 'Adminstrator' and then click on 'No' to access the System Restore dates and pick a date

  boots2 09:33 08 Nov 08

Thanks for that F8 did the trick driver back where it should be.
Any Idea where this bit of software would be that is directing so many sites to its owm webb sites,
It seems to have taken over the serch engins and all the anti virus sites, directing all the time to download some unknown windows fixes?

  lotvic 11:34 08 Nov 08

There are so many rogue programs it is impossible for me to say.
You need to follow the advice in my previous post and read skidzy's advice on Safe and Clean Computers.

Also visit and read the malware forum who are specialists in helping removal click here

  boots2 11:59 08 Nov 08

Thanks will do and will let you know how I get on, I have just been to get my memory stick I loane to a friend , so I will do a backup just in case I have to reinstall.
Thank for your help.

  lotvic 00:03 09 Nov 08

Make sure you written down the Product Key if you decide to re-install and don't forget the motherboard drivers as well.

  boots2 10:47 09 Nov 08

The product key is on the back of the tower, if I install from my copt of XP and put his product key in will that be O/K ?

  boots2 10:49 09 Nov 08

Should I back up all drivers as I have none of his install disks.

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