unable to access ebay after going wireless

  8446 17:22 24 Jun 07

please can someone help! i have limited knowledge on computers. After getting my wireless working i can not access my ebay or paypal accounts it times out. i have a compaq laptop, cable and wireless router.

Any ideas?

  xania 17:35 24 Jun 07

How far do yuou actually get before it times oput? Do you have any similar problems with any other sites? What ISP? Have you discussed the problem with them? Have you tried going back to your original modem to make sure that still ok?

  skidzy 18:04 24 Jun 07

Quick test to eliminate a possible firewall issue,briefly disable your firewall and try again.

If the sites are now accessible,we know its a firewall issue and can address this accordingly.

Dont forget to enable your firewall again !!!

  8446 18:19 24 Jun 07

Tried the firewall but still nothing, thanks

  8446 18:21 24 Jun 07

i can get on to the ebay screen but i can't get to log in, the isp is Talktalk, i am waitingfor them to email me back!

  8446 18:21 24 Jun 07

sorry forgot to add as soon as i change modems its fine! i csn access everything

  skidzy 18:25 24 Jun 07

Ok now we know its possibly the router's configuration.

Make and model please of the router.

  8446 18:29 24 Jun 07

cable & Wireless router model no: ADSLR10CW3XI

  skidzy 18:53 24 Jun 07

Sorry 8446,i cannot find anything related to that model number !

  8446 19:02 24 Jun 07


just checked the modem and box again. It is a 802.11g wireless LAN ADSL2+ modem router. There are 2 numbers on the box ADSLR10CW3XI and the same number without the XI on the end. I don't know if it will make a difference!

  skidzy 19:30 24 Jun 07

You may have to check the routers configuration page if not an isp problem.

Look under security and if the routers hardware firewall is enabled,briefly disable this and try again.

Ive found some info on port forwarding for your router but still looking for the manual.

Its probably just a setting that needs tinkering with.

Is this computer connected directly to the router or wirelessly ?

Do you have another computer connected to the router at all,such as by ethernet cable ?

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