un installing WOT

  March Wind 30 Jun 12

I have Windows 7 on my laptop I put WOT on. This is a program that tells you if a site is safe I would like to un install it. Could you please tell me how

  lotvic 30 Jun 12

Which browser are you using?

If Firefox then: Click on Tools > Add-ons > Extensions, and look for WOT and the buttons at the side of it. Either Disable it or Remove.

You can uninstall WOT for Internet Explorer from the Windows Control Panel option Programs and Features just like any other Windows program. Remember to close all Internet Explorer windows before uninstalling.

If it's any of the others, go to ClickHere and then click on the Browser you are using and mostly uninstall is the last FAQ in the list.

  buteman 30 Jun 12

Just go into add remove a delete it from there.

  buteman 30 Jun 12

Sorry lotvic you already suggested that.

  March Wind 30 Jun 12

Thank you Lotvic. I went into control panel and removed. Maybe the way the PC is set but I do not know where add and remove is on this laptop. I would put a green tick in but never have known how. I do click on the tick but it doesn't turn green. Now for my next post I hope you are all up will and able to help me.

  Sea Urchin 30 Jun 12

In Windows 7 there is no Add/Remove feature - it is called Programs and Features, and you can uninstall programs from there.

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

To activate the Greed tick - after clicking on the Grey tick you must then click on Post, just as you do when entering Text in the box!

  March Wind 30 Jun 12

I do clcik on the arrow but it still the same gray

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

But did you then click on Post in the button underneath the text box?

  Nontek 30 Jun 12

Also, which Grey tick are you clicking on? It is not the small one alongside your post, it is any Large Grey tick alongside any Answer within your Post!

After which, you click on Post (under this Text box).


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