Un-installing Awkward program from Vista?.

  spuds 05 Feb 12

I have a disk that I was trying to install on computer's with XP, Vista and W7. The disk is not recognised on XP or W7, but made an attempt to install on Vista.

Problem that I now have, is that I do not seem to be able to remove what was partly installed, via the programs own un-installer, because 'Windows items are missing'?.

Normally I would try something like Revo as a back-up un-installer, but I am unable to do this at present, due to a wireless connection unavailability, for a download of that program.

Not knowing Vista, I do not seem to be able to find a removal set-up within Vista, like the add/remove?.

Any help would be welcomed.

  rdave13 05 Feb 12

Should be under programs and features like windows 7. Can you not download Revo from another PC and save the zip file on to a usb flash drive to install on the Vista machine?

  spuds 05 Feb 12


Thanks for the suggestion, but I am unable to download to a usb drive at the moment.

Just thought that there might be a add/remove in Vista (similar to XP?), that I do not seem to be able to find.

  rdave13 05 Feb 12

Open control panel and select large icons in the view by: top right and find 'programs and features'.

  rdave13 05 Feb 12

Some useful tips here.

  spuds 06 Feb 12

This is getting more interesting. I rechecked 'programs and features' and the item does not appear there. Yet it is in Programs and on the desktop as an icon.

Clicking on either, then trying to un-install, using the programs own un-installer, I get messages to complete the installation, and then suggestions 'Windows items are missing'. I am then unable to proceed further.

  spuds 06 Feb 12

I have just made further attempts at removing the program, using some of the advice given in rdave13 link. The computer as CCleaner, and this was a way suggested to try, but alas the program ins't in the CCleaner uninstall section. I also note from the link that someone else was having similar problems with an awkward set-up.

Problem I now seem to face, is there are downloads within the link, that I am unable to try or use at the moment!.

Any other suggestions or ideas still very welcomed.

  rdave13 06 Feb 12

You could try reinstalling it from the disc again. First I'd run Ccleaner's registry cleaner.

Press shift after inserting the disc to stop it auto playing. Go to computer and open the disc. See if you can find the installer file. Right click and select 'run as administrator'. Hopefully it will install. Now go to programs and features to see if listed now. That's the only thing I can think of.

  spuds 07 Feb 12

I have done a few more procedures, including running a CCleaner registry check. The response it that the program as now uninstalled(?) but there is still some evidence that the program was present(?).

I hardly use the computer/laptop with Vista, so I will leave this for now. The seller of the disk as been contacted, and I await their reply.

Will tick as resolved. Thanks again rdave13 for your very much appreciated responses.


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