un install XP

  daisy2bell 08:27 15 Jan 05

My son was given a PC. Originaly this PC had win98, but the previous owner upgraded to XP, and as far as I can tell, he deleted win98.
When booting up, it asks which OS to use as it lists 3 XP OS. (Why would anyone have 3 XP on a mashine?)
How can we delete 2 versions of XP leaving only one version on the computer


  Diodorus Siculus 08:31 15 Jan 05

Sounds like the owner reinstalled XP a few times without due care. Likely it was installed over itself though.

Why not reinstall XP yourself and end up with a clean install? Format the hard drive by booting with the XP CD.

  daisy2bell 08:49 15 Jan 05

Thanks Diodorus Siculus,

Can you talk me through this step by step please.
When it boots up, does it give the option of upgrade, and new install, if so which would I go for. Would I end up with only one copy of XP this way
"Why not reinstall XP yourself and end up with a clean install? Format the hard drive by booting with the XP CD."

Do I put the disk in and got to shutdown/restart?

  Modo 08:52 15 Jan 05

If you don't want to - or can't - reinstall and this is bugging you

start - control panel - System - advanced - Start up & Recover Settings

Hiding at the top you'll find the option for Default Operating System

Choose one that exists and works - may be a reason why somebody has loaded 3 times.

I go with Didorous get rid of them if you can.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:52 15 Jan 05

Windows XP Home Install Guide
click here

Windows XP Home Install, Reinstall, upgrade, parallel install, and compatibility
click here

RADIFIED: Windows XP Installation Guide
click here

Some guides here; better than me trying to do it.

  Modo 08:56 15 Jan 05

I'll leave you with Didorous

But don't do a reinstall until you have saved everything you need.

Also it wipes all software so be aware if the machine came with any "borrowed" software you'll lose it if you don't have the disks and or valid activation codes.

  daisy2bell 15:26 15 Jan 05

Thanks guys

  daisy2bell 21:57 15 Jan 05

Thanks guys. Everything sorted now. Only 1 XP on system.

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