Dekka123 17:00 13 Apr 04

I run win xp home and in my list of programms I have a programme called UMSD. It has It has folders called UMSD Driver install and uninstall. Could someone tell me what this programme is please

  Fateful Shadow 17:04 13 Apr 04

A flash drive made by Bytestor? They use a program called "UMSD" (don't know what it stands for however). It's nothing to worry about. It can be used in conjunction with the flash drive.

Hope this helps :)

  Gongoozler 18:13 13 Apr 04

I think UMSD is Usb Mass Storage Disk. click here

  Dekka123 13:35 14 Apr 04

Thanks very much for your replies once again this forum has eased my mind

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