Ultimate Defrag Freeware Edition 1.72

  cocteau48 15:05 23 May 08

Previously available as "paid for" there is now a freeware version of Ultimate Defrag available:
click here

It will keep you tinkerers out of the pub over the holiday weekend ...... well maybe it's not that good!

Looking forward to comparing it with my favorite - JK Defrag.

  GaT7 19:19 23 May 08

Thanks, not sure it'll come close to JKDefrag though, but worth a go I suppose.

The only thing it's likely to beat JKDefrag on, is speed ;-). G

  cocteau48 19:43 23 May 08

As both programs give you multiple choices as to how you wish to optimize the storage of data on your hard drive - if you choose conflicting optimizations you can waste a great deal of time just shuffling data around.

  GaT7 19:56 23 May 08

Are we talking about the same JKDefrag?! Mine gives me NO options/optimisations whatsoever. Just installed & opened UltimateDefrag & it seems to offer quite a few on that front.

Not sure about JKDefrag's way of doing things any differently from Windows inbuilt defragmenter (XP), because when I ran the latter after the former, it came up that I don't need to defragment the drive almost immediately. G

  cocteau48 20:26 23 May 08

If you install the this GUI - for and endorsed by JKDefrag
click here
you will find multiple options in the actions drop down menu - under the general tab.

  cocteau48 20:31 23 May 08

..... these options can be accessed without the GUI using the commandline options .
See under commandline here:
click here

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