Ultimat Fixer Virus?

  al7478 21:15 01 Apr 07

A friend of mine (no, really), has downloaded zone alarm from download.com. He already had PC Tools Firewall plus from the same site. He decided to get rid of ZA. He did this and tried to get his old firewall back, again via download.com. When he tried to do this he got a windows security centre alert telling him that his security had become compromised by Ultimate Fixer. A system restore through the start menu didnt work. He does not back - up with Acronis or anything like that either.

Any ideas?

  al7478 21:16 01 Apr 07

his internet wont connect. Sorry, i forgot that bit.

  Totally-braindead 21:18 01 Apr 07

Rogue remover is meant to get rid of it but haven't tried it myself click here

I wouldn't have thought the removal of Zone Alarm has caused this it sounds like a coincidence to me as I've removed Zone Alarm off a couple of computers and had no problems.

  al7478 21:24 01 Apr 07

its probably that the ZA he installed had something funny about it, as im not sure i trust that site. never used it or heard of anyone using it i dont think.

  Totally-braindead 21:26 01 Apr 07

I personally always download from the main website. IE for Nvidia I download from the Nvidia site for Zone Alarm I use zone labs website.

I'm not for a minute saying that there was anything wrong with Download.Com its just what I always do - go to the manufacturers website and download from there.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 22:02 01 Apr 07

i have heard a lot of stories about very well used programs coming with 'extras' from very popular free software sites, i know someone who downloaded a codek program from a site i use and browse very often ,as do many others, possibly coincidence, but had made me a little wary!

  phono 22:19 01 Apr 07

Possibly damaged or corrupted Winsock 2 settings, see information on diagnosis and repair, also info regarding extra netsh.exe commands in XP SP2 at click here

Also see LSP-Fix at click here

  al7478 23:08 01 Apr 07

ill pass the info on.

  al7478 15:13 03 Apr 07

Phono, my friend tells me it seems ok after using winsock. I'll bump this if it doesnt stay that way.

  phono 21:24 03 Apr 07

No problem at all, keep us all posted, if it stays okay remember to tick the thread as resolved.

  al7478 22:11 03 Apr 07

Phono, I'll give it a few days first.

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