ukash has locked my mates pc

  rocketbob 06 Feb 13

my mates pc has been locked by a scam ukash. its running windoes xp and uses kaspersky pure security. i know i have got to boot up in safe mode and scan with kas pure how do i do this in xp. also i have kaspersky 2013 on my pc running w7. i have downloaded kaspersky rescue disc [iso file] which is the best disc to use cd/dvd and how do i cpoy it in w7.

  SillBill 06 Feb 13

What burning program do you have?

  SillBill 06 Feb 13

Jock1e, that was a totally different scenario, the Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 is totally safe and is the best way of eradicating this ransomware. You have to run Malwarebytes AFTER booting with the Kaspersky disc.

  SillBill 06 Feb 13


I was infected with that slimeball and it can prevent you from getting into safe mode as well, you need to insert the boot disc and boot from it.

  rocketbob 06 Feb 13

i have got windows dvd maker

  SillBill 06 Feb 13

I don't use Windows DVD Maker but there will be someone who does!

  SillBill 06 Feb 13

I use Ashampoo burning software, there are free 45 day trials as well as a free burning program (think its Burning studio 6 free) I just open it insert a cd or DVD and click on burn!

  SillBill 06 Feb 13

Jock1e - I think he has already downloaded the ISO, but he could follow your suggestion and download it again.

  Taff™ 07 Feb 13

This is the simplest program for burning ISO's I know ImgBurn

  SillBill 07 Feb 13

Looks like they have sorted it out!

  rocketbob 07 Feb 13

i used cd burnerxp to burn the rescue disc. my mate is going to have a go at sorting out at the weekend will let you know how it goes.


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