UK Public Holidays & Outlook 2010

  wee eddie 28 Mar 12

I have just noticed that M$ Outlook 2010 does not have the Public Holidays included as Outlook XP did.

I visited the Helproom and found the relevant information. Unfortunately I also found a number of Articles, admittedly a couple of years old, saying that many of the UK Dates were incorrect.

I found no subsequent Articles to say that these had been corrected.

Does anyone know how I can Download, and install into Outlook, the correct Public Holidays for the UK, preferentially those specific to Scotland?

  mimosa418 28 Mar 12

It means a bit of work but the following two sites give you the ifo you require to make a fix. click here and Click here

  wee eddie 28 Mar 12

mimosa418: You found exactly what I found.

Unfortunately the original article is 18 months old. Published on September 3rd in 2010. I have been unable to find any later postings on the matter and was wondering if anyone knew whether M$ had updated the file or not.

  wee eddie 28 Mar 12

I have decided to go ahead and install the, potentially, inaccurate Holiday Dates, but still keep a careful eye on my Desk Diary.

Oh the marvels of modern science!

Interestingly, while installing them, the relevant Installation Page said that they were already installed, although it was patently obvious that they were not.

  Woolwell 28 Mar 12

The Outlook Bank Holidays for this spring are also wrong as they do not take into account the jubilee changes (this applies to 2007 as well as 2010 version).


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