UDF / INCDFS formats

  WightRob 06:27 11 May 07

I have 2 PCs, one is located at home (Win XP Pro)and one is located in my digs where I work away (Win XP Home). I have LG multi format DVD writers in both machines. Whenever I go home I copy files to a DVD RW using Superflexible File Synchronizer from the digs machine then synchronise them on the home machine. I format the DVDs using InCD (INCDFS) first.
Sometimes, when I try and do the reverse process, i.e. copy from home machine, I get a report that the disk is full. When I check the properties, I discover that the disk is formatted as UDF although all I have done is read from it. The only solution seems to reformat, thus losing all the data.
Does anyone know why this is happening, how to prevent it or how to switch the format back to INCDFS without losing tzhe data?

  Batch 09:25 11 May 07

Its a while since I used InCD, but if I recall correctly, UDF is the format that InCD uses.

  pj123 13:13 11 May 07

Copy the files from the DVD in to a folder on your hard disk. Then reformat and copy them back, but the best way round it is never format the DVD/CDs in the first place. Just use them in multisession mode, you can then add and erase whenever you like.

I never format RWs anymore, in fact I don't even have InCD installed now.

  WightRob 14:06 11 May 07

Thanks pj123,
Recovering the files is not an issue as I kept a backup anyway. The real issue is how to avoid reformatting and re-copying every time.
As I said, I use a file sychroniser program to try to avoid copying the whole lot everytime.

When you say use them in multisession mode, do you mean by using Nero, for example.
If that is the case, I am not sure that I will be able to run this with the file sync program.

  LAP 14:30 11 May 07

WightRob, is the answer a DVD-RAM. I use one to keep my private docs on.

  pj123 14:34 11 May 07

Don't know how the file synchroniser works, but yes, I do use Nero and just drag and drop the files that I need.

Sorry, if that wasn't any help to you.

  WightRob 15:15 11 May 07

Any information is of use as I'm still trying to get my head round the way CD/DVD writers work. There seem to be too many variables.
Maybe I will just use Nero and overwrite the files every time.

  CLONNEN 15:20 11 May 07

Could you not use an external USB drive instead of burning to cd every time. Would work with file synchronizing programs.

  LAP 15:37 11 May 07

DVD-RAM no formating 4.7gb

  WightRob 07:16 19 May 07

Thanks for your comments.
I reckon that Clonnen's idea is probaly the simplest. I tend to think of USB drives for single files, but these days 2-4 GB drives are not expensive so one of those would do the trick.

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