Ubuntu 11.04 Available

  bremner 02 May 11

For those who like Linux and are unaware, the latest version of Ubuntu; v11.04 "Natty Narwhal" has been released. Ubuntu 11.04

  bremner 02 May 11


  bremner 02 May 11


This is not supported in Parallels as yet!

  octal 02 May 11

If you look on the Ubuntu forums there seemed to be issues with it at the moment. I'm on 10.04 lucid which is the long term support version, I can't see any good reason to move until they sort the bugs out in 11.04.

  bremner 02 May 11

I try out Linux in Virtual environments so I am happy to explore new releases, safe in the knowledge that they can do no harm and are always a click away from deletion.

  LastChip 02 May 11

I've got to say, even as a now long time Linux user, I'm pretty unimpressed with it.

In fairness, I've only tried it from a live CD (it has been available for a few days) and perhaps therefore, I'm not really giving it a fair trial. But so much has been written about the Unity interface and how it was going to change computing, I guess I was expecting a lot more.

If you are an avid smart phone user, I guess it could appeal. It does have some nice features, not least of which, is it's ability to automatically hide the applications, to free up screen estate. But for me, it is far too restrictive and I can't see me ditching either a conventional user interface or Debian, any time soon.

Power users should note, you can still install Ubuntu 11.04 with a conventional interface if you wish. In fact, if you don't have 3D graphics as standard, Ubuntu will default to the conventional Gnome interface.

For me, for a new Linux user, Linux Mint is still the one to beat and if you're a little more knowledgeable, Debian is an out and out power house of a distribution. And that's what I love about it.


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