Ubuntu 11.04

  Terry Brown 10:25 31 Jul 11

I have downloaded the image file and burnt to a CD, I want to install to a clean partition (already set up and formatted), however it say's no boot file.I can install it to my C drive alongside windows, but I would like to keep them seperate.

I selected to boot from CD and 'Other options' to install(3rd choice)

Any Sugestions


  cocteau48 11:57 31 Jul 11

I'm no expert at this but I have dual booted Vista and Linux Mint on a machine and,if I recall correctly,the Linux installation does create its own partition during installation.

The two operating systems are completely separated from one another,and accessed only by your choice at boot up.

If you choose to boot into Windows and open explorer you cannot see the Linux installation or even the partition on which it installed.

  LastChip 12:27 31 Jul 11

Sorry to say, but your post is unclear.

Do you mean when you go to boot from the CD, it says no boot file?

Or do you mean, you're trying to install it and you get the message?

  Terry Brown 14:42 31 Jul 11

lastchip & cocteaau48

Thanks for replying

I can install into the windows partition with no problem, however I have created a clean formatted (by XP) partition into which I would like to install it.

When you follow the install, it gives 3 options: 1 Install alongside windows 2:Install and replace windows (wipes all files) 3: something else

It is with the something else section that I am trying to install into my clean area, when I get the message that it cannot find the boot file.

  LastChip 15:09 31 Jul 11

Please see if this helps and let me know.


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