typing too fast

  Smokeyone 07:16 15 Nov 06

I am usuing win xp and whatever I type from the keyboard usualy has missing letters. It's as though I am typing too fast for the system to keep up and being a one finger typist I know it's not me. I did think I was making lots of spelling mistakes until I began being extra careful. If I type very very slowly it's okay.
Any ideas at all please.

  €dstowe 08:12 15 Nov 06

Go to Control Panel -> Keyboard -> Speed. From there you will be able to make all sorts of adjustments to the sensitivity and response speed of the keys.

  Smokeyone 08:18 15 Nov 06

Thanks very much for the tip. I think it may have helped but it has not got rid of the problem completely. Is there a plan B !
Even back spacing to clear a line is troublesome.


  Technotiger 08:26 15 Nov 06

Hi, have you tried another keyboard? Your original one may be faulty.


  €dstowe 08:53 15 Nov 06

If it's anything other than a bog standard keyboard, try re-installing its software. Otherwise, as Technotiger, try another keyboard.

  Smokeyone 09:37 15 Nov 06

It's a hp wireless keyboard (new batteries) - does that help !

I would suspect the problem to lie within the wireless link rather than the computer itself. Have you got another keyboard (preferably wired) to try instead?

Also are there any other wireless devices being used nearby that may interfere? (eg. cordless phone).

  Smokeyone 11:16 15 Nov 06

No other wireless devices nearby and no other wireless keyboard spare. However can borrow standard keyboard with wires from a mate.
Will report back.
Thanks again

  Smokeyone 15:45 15 Nov 06

Tried standard keyboard, no luck still typing too fast. If I type very very slowly it's okay.
Thanks for any ideas

  Pamy 16:05 15 Nov 06

keys not always working on this site
By Pamy on Thu, 06/07/2006
Never solved it

  Pamy 16:07 15 Nov 06

click here

never did solve this problem

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