two pc's to one printer

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

I wish to connect 2 XP machines to one printer without using a switch module. Tried to do it by network via my router but can't get it working. Can anyone help on this please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Apr 13

Is it a wireless printer?

does it have an ethernet connection or just a USB?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Apr 13

You probably need a print server have a read here

bumpkin: if the two PCs in question are both on the same network - I assume you've set up some sort of homegroup? - then it couldn't be easier. You physically attach the printer to one of the PCs. The other PC on the network should be able to 'see' that PC, and all the shared resources on it - including the printer. The 'other' PC just needs to install a remote printer - so, use the 'add printer' wizard, and choose the 'network printer' option. The wizard will search for the printer on the other machine, find it and install it. If you're unlucky, you'll need to install the printer driver on the second machine. In effect, that first PC is acting as a print server, but in a very simple way.

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

OK,printer connected to PC 1. PC 2 sees the printer but wont print just puts docs in queue.

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

Fruitbat, it is a wired printer connected to PC 1 via normal usb printer cable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 06 Apr 13

A printer server connected to your router would mean you do not need PC1 on to print from PC2.

File and print sharing enabled in PC1?

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

File and print sharing enabled in PC 1.

No it is not' try as I may I cannot do this.

Maybe I have failed to set up the network correctly. Both PC's are connected to a Belkin wireless router, they both connect fine to the internet. Both have wireless USB sticks and on board PCI cards with cable connections to the same router.

Just can't work this one out

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

I know I can do this easily by swapping 2 cables or using a switch but find it frustrating not being able to do it via network.

  BRYNIT 06 Apr 13

Have you checked that the firewall is not blocking the printer.

  bumpkin 06 Apr 13

firewall turned off on both PC's to check this but no result. On PC 2 printer shows with the hand underneath and ticked. I can type something in notepad and try to print it but it wont print just adds it to the print queue.


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