Two Outlook back-up problems....

  Maughan 13:08 24 Feb 04

I have two basic questions to which I just CANNOT find the answer (perhaps because they are so basic).

All help gratefully received...!

In Outlook 2002, how can you quickly/easily create a copy sub-file in My Documents (primarily for backing-up purposes) for:

* emails (both in and out); and
* contacts?

[I know how to create the new files - it is filling them that I cannot achieve!]

How can I make a mirror copy in My Documents of the info contained in the Contacts/inbox/sent folders in Outlook?

For emails, I have tried dragging and dropping and exporting and cutting and pasting and it doesn't work at all. (Do I need to get into the .pst files? I am even more confused, if so.)

For contacts, I think I previously found some convoluted way but it was hardly a quick operation.

Thank you!


  scotty 13:21 24 Feb 04

In Outlook go to the File menu and select Import/Export. Select export to a file. Select Personal Folder File. Follow the on screen instructions.

  Maughan 14:12 24 Feb 04

Looks like it really is that simple. Thank you!

I will try all this out later on.


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