Two OS's on one computer?

  RogerB 17:10 23 Nov 06

This must have been asked before, but I can find no reference!

I have transferred my old hard disc with Win 98 to an external drive on my new computer, and copied the entire contents to a partition of my new hard drive, which has XP loaded.

Is it possible to run both 98 and XP on the same machine? If so, how do I boot from the partition?

If the question has been adequately covered already, than I would be grateful for the title of the thread! Otherwise, any other assistance would be appreciated.


  VoG II 17:13 23 Nov 06
  RogerB 17:35 23 Nov 06

Thanks, VoG - that was pretty swift!

I've printed off your instructions and will study them in slow time. They look good! Hope I can trawl through them without messing up.

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