.two OS on one hard drive?

  Countrymanuk 16:21 21 Feb 03

Due to the problems with XP in loop errors, i thought maybe i could install Win98 on the same hard drive (60gig) and then when i want to use 3d applications ect, i could run Win98? Can i do this? if so, how?
Not sure if it would work, could anyone throw some light on this for me.
Would it be like starting from scratch having to bring it all up to date?


  exodus 16:29 21 Feb 03

This site should answer all your questions.
click here

  pcgal 16:32 21 Feb 03

countryman I've done the same with my HDD......setup your win98 in first partition (c).
you'll need to specify how big you want the partition via fdisk ...create the partition load win98 then simply load from the xp disc which will detect the unused space and follow the instructions ..its pretty straight forward...pcgal

  Countrymanuk 16:54 21 Feb 03

Thanks, but does that mean i will have to re-install both as i wanted to keep XP the way it is. Took me a long time to get it right. Can't i simple create a partition and install 98?

  jazzypop 17:02 21 Feb 03

Microsoft definitely recommend installing the oldest OS (W98) first, then the latest.

If your current XP setup is using NTFS, you will not be able to install W98 until you have formatted the drive.

  leo49 17:03 21 Feb 03

click here

The above thread by flecc lays it all out for you.

Regards leo49

  jazzypop 17:16 21 Feb 03

Well done - I couldn't find that thread :)

  leo49 17:21 21 Feb 03

I cheated - I always copy worthwhile threads [especially those by 'the man']using IEText archiver and it places the url at the top of the document so I can quickly get to it.


  jazzypop 17:25 21 Feb 03

That's a useful looking tool - thanks :)

  leo49 17:31 21 Feb 03

Glad ypu like it.I came across it a couple of years ago and it's so simple just to automatically copy with the rightclick - I find it pretty indispensable.


  Countrymanuk 18:17 21 Feb 03

Yes excellent, i have printed that off, just one thing, where do i get partition magic from? (I have another pc in the house with Win98)

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