two operation systems...

  EMM61 13:15 05 Jul 08

hi, I have two os systems installed xp sp2 on C: and Vista ultimate on D:(2 seperate ide hdd) Yesterday I formated C: and reinstalled xp pro sp2 which is really working very well. Now my problem is that when I try to boot from vista OS hdd it is giving me that "NTLDR is missing and to press cont-alt-del to reboot".To boot from this drive I had to enter into cmos and select it, because in Mycomputer-properties-advanced-startup and recovery is not showing. any ideas where I can download this missing NTLDR file or any suggestions will be greatly appriciated. Thank you. emm.

  Ditch999 13:25 05 Jul 08

A general rule for dual booting is that you install the oldest OS first. By reinstalling XP you have overwritten the dual boot part of the boot file in Vista.

  Ditch999 13:27 05 Jul 08

But it can be done. click here

  EMM61 13:29 05 Jul 08

ohh my god, you are suggesting that I should reinstall the vista all over again....?

  Ditch999 13:31 05 Jul 08

This article addresses your problem click here

  EMM61 13:31 05 Jul 08

ok thx a lot Ditch999 for your reply.

  Ditch999 13:35 05 Jul 08

In particular click here addresses the reinstallation of the Vista boot loader.
Have fun!

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