Two Network Connections?

  JimT 19:45 26 Aug 03

I have a broadband modem (Telewest) and I notice in "Network Connections a "1394 connection", shown as enabled with a speed of 400mbps, and a "Local Area Connection 2", which is the modem but a speed of 10mbps.

Why two and why different speeds?

  The Sack 19:49 26 Aug 03

One is just showing your Firewire connection.

  The Sack 19:50 26 Aug 03

by connection i meant ports :-)

  harry_b 19:50 26 Aug 03

its a firewire connection.

  Nick-225185 20:37 26 Aug 03

I think Broband connectons is very smart people who can provide all facility ,also BT Open World this is the very best pack i ever so so thanks to BT :o) cool...!!

  JimT 19:06 27 Aug 03

I have a firewire port but nothing's connected to it!

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