Two minute wait to open anything

  Baz48 22:37 27 Nov 04

After windows start up I always have to wait 2 minutes before I can start or open anything. This also happens frequently when opening folders in Explorer. There is no HD activity, for the 2 minutes, then a brief flurry and whatever it is will open.

There are only 4 start-up progs but 27 processes running at this time. CPU activity is nil.

Any help to save a format will be appreciated.

System is Athlon XP200+, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb HD 20% full, Windows XP Home with SP2. Defragged and Temp files cleared out.


  howard60 22:43 27 Nov 04

my guess is that you have a lot of hidden stuff on your hard drive and things running in the background. I would think a format and new install of windows would be your best bet.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:51 27 Nov 04

click here
Go to Win XP Utilities, there is a start up tracker tool that could help identify what might be running.

  Baz48 22:53 27 Nov 04

That's not what I really wanted to here, but what I suspected, thanks.

  Baz48 23:24 27 Nov 04

JaßîsFaß ˜ Tried the Tracker prog, thanks, but it only shows the processes that Ctrl + Alt + Del shows, plus a load of running services that I don't understand or look like they might be essential. No clues as to which I may not need.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:44 28 Nov 04

click here and download Ccleaner. Then go to control panel-folder options-view and tick 'show hidden files and folders. Run CCleaner again.

Then go to my computer-C drive (or whatever your main drive is)-documents and settings-local folders-and delete everything in the temp and temp internet files for each person.

You need to run Adaware (click here if you don't have it). Delete all it finds and use the deep scan option.

Then download regseeker click here run the clean history and clean registry exes. Delete all they find.

Go to add/remove programme in control panel and remove all progs that you do not or rarely use (be ruthless). Follow all this by a reboot and a good defrag.

This should keep you occupied for an hour or so.


  TTP 01:55 28 Nov 04


  Billy911 07:17 28 Nov 04

You haven't been messing with the swap file have you?

  Chaz10 11:49 28 Nov 04

Are you running a wireless network?

  Baz48 13:07 28 Nov 04

Gandalf : I have a pint mug of tea so I'll start now, thanks.

Billy911 : Don't know how to mess with swap file.

Chaz10 : Not got a wireless network.

  Fred the flour grader 13:17 28 Nov 04

Gandalf..I have run Adaware a few times and it comes up with stuff like: "low-risk" so I have just left alone. I am nervous about wiping stuff that I am not sure of.
Is it ok to delete the lot without problems?.

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