two laptops to a router

  peug417 22:26 16 Nov 08

I an running two laptops and a server via a DLINK G604t router. The two laptops are both Acers with built in wifi connection. We are in remote rural area with limited speeds anyway (best 3Mbps at present) The Server is wired to the router and reaches the 3Mbps, the one Laptop wireless reaches speeds from 2 - 3 Mbps and the newest laptop also wirless runs at speeds of under 1MBps
Why is the newest laptop running so slow? The built in card is an Intel Pro wirless 3945ABG. a search has revealed it has the latest driver and the router has the latest firmware installed. Is there anyway to check the setup of the card?? I achieves the top speeds if wired ot the router

  peug417 18:55 17 Nov 08


  peug417 09:19 30 Nov 08


  mgmcc 11:02 30 Nov 08

A couple of things to try:

1) Change the Channel number in the router's wireless settings. The default is usually "6" or "11" so try these or, if already using one of them, try the other.

2) Temporarily disable any WEP/WPA encryption and see if that speeds things up. If so, you need to set up your wireless security differently.

  peug417 22:25 30 Nov 08

I have tried both with no difference. though when I changed the channel i got a speed of 2.1Kmbs which i thought had cured the issue, though when doing the same test using hard wired I got a reading of 5.2Kmbs so I am back to square 1.
I have try to contact ACER who have stated from the info I have given them it's a software problem. Though i have tried a few speed checkers with the same results!!

  ashdav 17:23 09 Dec 08

A wired LAN (cable connection) is full duplex whereas wireless is half-duplex and uses some of the data transfer to check for errors.
This means that a wireless connection will never run at your full ADSL connection speed but near to half of it.

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