two hard drives

  duck1 22:30 09 Apr 04

I have just installed a secound hard drive,if somebody knows the best way to utilise the slave or any links to help out it would be fantastic this is the first time i have done this Thanks,I have a cd/rw installed,a dvd burner installed +two hard drives running xp with 512 ram 2x256 for h/p 2.8 intl processor Thanks

  soy 22:55 09 Apr 04

The best way to use the second hard drive is for storage. Store your music/documents/personal files/movies/pictures etc

This way if your oPerating system fails you won't lose your files. As its stored on a separate drive :)

  duck1 23:14 09 Apr 04

do i need to formatt the slave or smething like that and how do i copy the programs to the slave thanks!!

  dazzling (work) 23:21 09 Apr 04

yes you need to format the harddrive look in administrator tools in control panel then go to disk managment the disc will be shown there but you need to right click it initialize it then right click it again select format and it will do it for cant transfer the programs onto d they stop with the o\s.just store your word docs music and image files on the could also store a backup of your other drive on it.darren

  duck1 06:00 10 Apr 04

can i run them both together so programs etc run faster ie make the slave exactually the same as the master

  temp003 06:11 10 Apr 04

Any new drive is likely to be quite large in capacity, and you might want to divide it up into partitions.

Follow dazzling's advice about initialising the disk. The slave will be shown as Disk1 in Disk Management, right click it and see if there's an option to initialise. If so, select it. If not, it means you can go ahead and partition/format disk.

Sometimes the disk may have come already partitioned as a single partition (but not yet formatted). In that case, if you want to create smaller partitions, you need to right click the partition, and delete the partition first.

Then you can right click the "unallocated space", and select Create partition. Then just follow the prompts. Presumably you're using NTFS file system on the first disk. If so, format the new partitions in NTFS as well.

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