Two copies XP on one computer

  Jayeff 16:51 28 Jul 04

I have read that you can run two copies of winXP on the same computer, using them for different purposes. The idea appeals to me, but I wonder if it is necessary to purchase the second copy. After all, you can only use them one at a time.

  Chegs ® 16:56 28 Jul 04

You can run several flavours of windows on the same PC,but not two copies of the same XP,you would need either XP Home/XP Pro/Me/98se.

  sil_ver 17:06 28 Jul 04

Chegs, why can't you install the same OS on two different partitions. Is it that MSoft installer won't let you or what?

  johnsims 17:08 28 Jul 04

Take a look at HyperOs. It is a "system multiplier" That is it allows you to run up to 22 copies of a windows system on the one PC and switch between them. If you want the simple version, look particularly at HyperOs One Click.
Their site is at click here
I use HyperOs 2002 on one PC, HyperOs 2004TE on another and HyperOs One Click on another. Theor product is brilliant as you can have a discrete windows system for a restricted number of applications and as a result it never gets overcrowded and is totally stable.

  Chegs ® 17:15 28 Jul 04

XP has a thing called Windows Product Activation,this is to stop folk pirating XP.I'm presently stuck with my XP Home(genuine version)constantly bleating on about "** days left for activation" I'm unable to activate it as I had a pair of hdd's fail within a week of each other,but before they failed I reinstalled XP over and over attempting to get a stable install.

  Taw® 19:00 28 Jul 04

Chegs ® inserting a new HDD will not ivalidate your activation of XP if you go to activate and it comes up saying this is already activated it will give you free phone number to ring. Explainto mr MS and they will reactivate. I had problems with a comp before and had to install XP 3 times with no probs

  goonerbill © ® 19:18 28 Jul 04

not sure that you would need to buy second copy of xp as you are installing the software on the original pc but twice and not on a second pc which is why win xp home has the activation key but xp pro don't and is also only meant to be loaded on one pc ( unless you have a multi user license )and as microsoft say this software is to be installed on only one pc or words to that effect.

as the others have stated, you can run two different O/S's on the same pc.

its a very grey area.

  Newuser38 20:00 28 Jul 04

I think Flecc put XP Home on the same computer twice some years ago. Something about having them in adjacent partitions seems to come to memory. Sadly the post went into PCA archives in Jan '03, maybe one of the others involved in the early days of XP will have details.

I have used XP home full copy and Xp pro trial version on the same computer in different partitions, but of course only able to use one at a time. I decided to stick with home and did not upgrade to pro. But that was effectively 2 copies of the software and I had to activate the trial version to use it.

  mosfet 20:01 28 Jul 04

I have a spare clean clone of XP taken at a few weeks old,on another partition.If I make it active in disk manager I can then boot & run it.It works fine,so I am sure you could dual boot 2 copies of XP.

  broggs 20:06 28 Jul 04

I had multiple copies ok xp (all cloned) using that wonderful product hyperos with no problems.

  TomJerry 20:12 28 Jul 04

Another solution is Partition Magic (with Boot Magic).

Basically creat anothe primary partition, Clone XP installation to that Partition, install Bootmagic, let BM select which one to boot when you start the PC.

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