Two computers sharing same phone line

  Crystal S 12:23 14 Aug 09

Hello, I confess to not being too techie, so please make allowances for me!

At home I have a PC that is not wireless and my partner is bringing his wireless laptop over with him from Greece. Can you please tell me:

1) Will he be able to work his 'wireless' laptop from the same phone line as my non wireless PC?

2) Will we both be able to use our computers at the same time?

3) Will he be able to access his emails via OutLook Express?

4) Can I convert my PC to wireless?

5) If so would we both be able to work off the same security key/passphrase? And at the same time?

Is there anything else that may be problematic that I haven't thought of?

I hope that isn't too confusing! And, forgive me if I make any of you cringe with my questions!

Thanks for your time.

Crystal S

  PC Advisor Fan 13:58 14 Aug 09


You will need a wireless router, this will allow you to become wireless.

You partner will be able to share the same internet connection as you.

He will be able to access outlook express emails

You will be able to work at the same time

You can secure your wireless router so that your neightbours of others don't use your connection

If the wireless router is next to the pc that you have now you can connect with a wire.

  Crystal S 15:44 14 Aug 09

Dear PC Advisor Fan, thank you so much for such a thorough and comprehensible answer.

Is there a particular router that I should purchase for a PC?

But, in the meantime would we both be able to share my non wireless modem? If so what is the procedure?

Thanks again for your help. This is a great fabulous forum. I am so pleased I came across it. Albeit by accident!

Crystal S

PS I hadn’t thought about ‘others’ using the same connection. Good point!

  PC Advisor Fan 16:35 14 Aug 09

Hi Crystal,

I would contact your isp and ask which one they reccommend, they might even give you one for free. What equipment do you have now?

  Crystal S 16:46 14 Aug 09

It didn't occur to me to call my ISP!

The modem I have now is SpeedTouch.

Thanks for that suggestion. I shall call Tiscali in the morning.

I'll let you know what they suggest!

Much obliged, again, PC Advisor Fan.

Crystal S

  Crystal S 18:28 14 Aug 09

PC Advisor Fan, you are a star!

I have just phoned my ISP, Tiscali, and they will send me my FREE WIRELESS ROUTER, worth £50, next week! PLUS, they reduced my BroadBand bill by £2.60 per month, just 'cos they could!

So, I am a very happy bunny!

I am most grateful. Thank you for your all your help and suggestions!


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