two computers

  nero 13:12 01 Jun 03

Is there a way I can run two computers from one monitor.

  Gaz 25 13:45 01 Jun 03

A switching box will do this, they are avaliable from many PC shops and allow one monitor to be on two computers,you can then switch between them.

  DieSse 14:08 01 Jun 03

Look at what's available here click here and hereclick here

or saerch via Google - or visit a shop.

In these kind or switches you tend to get what you pay for. Cheap ones tend to give ghosting on the monitor display.

  Giant68 15:34 01 Jun 03

I bought a KVM switch from click here for about £18 complete with cables and while it might not have the sexiest box around it works perfectly.


  peterfry 15:43 01 Jun 03

pg 110 in issue 93 of pca

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