Two broadband routers/modems on one phone line

  Paraaanoid Android 18:34 03 Jun 08

Is it possible to connect two broadband routers/modems on one phone line?

  mgmcc 20:46 03 Jun 08

Simple answer, "No".

Why would you want to have more than one *ROUTER* connected directly to the ADSL service? You could connect a "Cable/DSL" router to the main "ADSL Modem/Router", as a sub-router.

  easog 12:35 28 Sep 09

I have a wireless, four port ADSL router downstairs. My wife has a business supplied laptop which has the wireless disabled for security reasons but needs to be able to connect to work from home.
She can plug into the router no problem but we have set her office up upstairs - understandably she doesn't want to put her desk in the sitting room.
Downstairs reception is not good with the wireless router in the bedroom. As I had the old (single port non-wireless)router gathering dust in the loft it seemed like a good idea if I could give her her own router.
Will just have to connect the bedroom using Homeplug (which was the original intention anyway).

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