Two Adobe readers

  Muergo 22:49 PM 08 Apr 11

I seem to have two Adobe readers installed, one is a Plugin, the other is titled ActiveX, do I need both of them or do they happily co-exist?

  birdface 23:17 PM 08 Apr 11

It is the flash player for I/E and the other one is for Firefox or whatever other browser that you use. You need both if using 2 different browsers.

  woodchip 23:33 PM 08 Apr 11

Check Add Remove in Control Panel, it should tell you the size and what it is

  Muergo 23:59 PM 08 Apr 11

No it's not Flash Player, it's Adobe Reader, I have two of Adobe Flash Player FF and IE, but maybe the Adobe reader Plug in is for one and ActiveX for the other.

I'm having trouble as well with Adobe Shockwave, Secunia says it's out of date but the latest one won't install, should I remove it and install from scratch?

Adobe is a bit of a pain whichever program I use.

  BRYNIT 08:20 AM 09 Apr 11

Troubleshoot shockwave player installation.

  sunnystaines 09:19 AM 09 Apr 11

I got rid of secunia because of so many false errors it produced on abode software.

check abode web to see if you have latest version

  birdface 09:30 AM 09 Apr 11

Muergo they are flash player updates.Well they are on mine, I have both on mine Active X is for Internet Explorer and Plug In is for Firefox and I do not have Adobe reader installed.


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