Twinham dvb

  iceberg1 18:31 03 Oct 05

I have purchased a Twinham Magicbox DVB. I have installed it in accordance with the instructions and all channels appear on the list. The preview channels only shows about three channels. When I click on a channel I get a message saying"Timed out. Try again later". The quality of my reception is 80% and the frequency is 60%. Why can't I view any channels?

  Stuartli 19:02 03 Oct 05

Preview channels only show the channels being transmitted on each MUX.

  iceberg1 19:49 03 Oct 05

Yes I know, whether you click on the preview channels or on the list of the 33 channels I get the same result.

  Stuartli 23:53 03 Oct 05

You should get a lot more than 30+ channels.

Make sure that if you make any changes in the TwinHan software you click on Apply first and then OK - it can make all the difference.

TwinHan's software is usually excellent - I had the TwinHan Freeview DTV-ter card for about nine months before switching to the D+A version - and it brought in all 80 Winter Hill TV and radio channels (now even more in number).

  iceberg1 12:24 04 Oct 05

I've tried it this way and everyway possible but I still cannot view any channels. I get the radio channels also but again they don't play. I've tried emailing Twinhams but they are very slow to respond.

  SANTOS7 12:30 04 Oct 05

click here
may help

  iceberg1 14:01 04 Oct 05

Thanks, I have already looked at this but it doesn't solve my problem.

  Stuartli 15:45 04 Oct 05

I see the MagicBox uses BDA drivers like mine. Have you downloaded the latest BDA drivers from the website?

The only other thing I can suggest is that you try ShowShifter along with the new drivers; I found it better speed wise than PowerCinema, which is what I have to suffer with my card...:-(((

Contact at TwinHan:

[email protected]

May is in sales, but seems to know her stuff and responds very quickly.

  Stuartli 15:46 04 Oct 05

Sorry, I'd assumed earlier that the MagicBox used the DTV 2.43 and upwards software.

  iceberg1 17:52 04 Oct 05

Thanks,I have just shot off an email to her.

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