Twin Hard Drive

  Desert Rat 19:42 24 Nov 05

Can anyone please explain exactly what is a "Twin Hard Drive"?
Thanks in Advance

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:44 24 Nov 05

2 hard drives in a case instead of one. the second can be used for backups etc. I prefer an external HD for backups but each to thier own.


  Desert Rat 20:09 24 Nov 05

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> for the response. Are the 2 drives completely separated both mechanically and electrically in the same case? What are the reasons that you prefer an external HD for back ups?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:15 24 Nov 05

The drives are separate and are usually on top of each other for no other reason than space. Thye run of the samme power supply but are separte mechanically.

I prefer external HDs as you can easily swop to another computer....they can be stored away from the computer (when you go on holiday, if the computer is nicked you have an HD copy of your files)........they can be easily carried to work or away especially some of the new miniscule 40Gb is not the cleverest of ideas to have a backup next to your main disk for all the above reasons and power surges.


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