Tweeking bios

  taffhughes 22:13 30 Oct 04

I run a pen'2 350Hz (fossilsed) computer, With 320 Mb ram (only 192Mb showing) and a 10.1 Gbt hard drive (only 9.6 Gbt showing partioned 2.6 and 7 Gbt) on win 98.

Would it be possible too and how would I tweek the bios set up so that all the ram and hard drive is useable.

I intending loading xp

  VoG II 22:21 30 Oct 04

Not sure how you get to 320 MB RAM as it normally comes in chunks of 128 MB or similar.

Do you have on-board graphics that could account for the difference?

  sean-278262 22:22 30 Oct 04

The Ram is probably shared with graphics. usually it says at boot up if the ram check is on

XXXkk ok + xxM shared

where the xxm shared is for graphics

The Hard drive always looses a section when its formatted for the MBR (master boot record) I have a 120 gb drive and it shows 111gb total.

This is due to the fact that the 9gb are used to tell the drive where things are stored.

  dan 11 22:58 30 Oct 04

The memory could be 128 +128 + 64 = 320Mb.

Had to use the calculator.;-)

When the computer posts as Creature of the Nite says does it say 320Mb. One module may not be working. 128 + 64 = 192Mb.

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