Tweaked first site

  GSLF 21:57 15 Mar 07

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the comments regarding my first site
I have tweaked it and found the spell checker in dreamweaver!
I have followed your advice and have done as much as i could in the time i have after school work.
Thanks again

  GSLF 21:57 15 Mar 07
  Stiperstones 22:45 15 Mar 07

still can't access your site...

  GSLF 17:04 16 Mar 07

I have tried on lots of different computers at home and at school.
What browser are you using?

  JJCUK 19:42 16 Mar 07

yeah works fine from here

  Forum Editor 08:45 17 Mar 07

isn't loading in Internet Explorer 7.

  jolorna 09:29 17 Mar 07

the site is loading here in IE7 xp home sp2

  GSLF 16:38 17 Mar 07

I don't understand why everyone is having problems??? I have used IE7 and Firefox and they both work fine.
Is there any thing I can do from my side.
I have put the link in again.

click here

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